Danni “Deadline” Thriller Series

Danni “Deadline” Edens is a struggling newspaper reporter in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains whose family owns the local cemetery. Despite her morbid surroundings growing up and a mentally ill mother, Danni pushes herself professionally with a voracious strength and an insatiable desire to find the truth no matter the trouble it may bring.

A Lovely County

Welcome to a Lovely County, where innocence finds no justice, and monsters run free.

The sadistic murder of a young boy and corruption at the county jail have small town reporter Danni Edens scrambling to beat the competition to the story and redeem her A Lovely County Fronttattered career. But a brutal attack comes with a message to stop snooping around. She has already uncovered appealing privileges given to inmates, and now wonders what other secrets can be discovered. As she digs deeper, Danni must decide how far she’s willing to go to get the story. Journalism is all she ever wanted, but one mistake already cost Danni her dream job. Another may cost her life.

Published in January 2015, A Lovely County is the first Danni “Deadline” Thriller.

A Lovely Murder

Evil tends to snatch away the best-laid plans.

Life is finally coming together for reporter Danni Edens. Her mother’s mental illness seems tolovelymurder_front-copy be under control, her career is taking off after a major setback, and she’s found love. But a mistake from her past comes back to rob her of that newly found happiness and possibly more. As Danni struggles with the biggest loss of her life, the challenges start piling up. She fights to keep her grief at bay while searching for the killer who took her fiance´, but soon realizes the culprit wants more blood. Her vehicle is deliberately sabotaged causing a wreck that injures her best friend. Then she’s accused of murder and forced to defend herself. All the while, more bodies are piling up. How can she prove her own innocence, protect her family and friends, ad rebuild her life when a killer lurks? Will she lose all she holds dear, including her dream of a happy future? Or even her life?

Published in November 2016, A Lovely Murder is the second Danni “Deadline” Thriller.

A Lovely Grave
A Lovely Grave,
featuring reporter Danni “Deadline” Edens, is set for release in 2021.


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