Darkness and Writing

I grew up in a cemetery. My parents owned and managed it. The darkness of that upbringing either created or helped add to the dark thoughts and skeptical attitudes that roam around in my head. It hasn’t always been an asset, but that kind of thinking often served me well in my career as a reporter, made me frequently doubt the story I was getting on the surface, made me want to dig deeper.

It’s also an asset in my fiction writing. I like a good mystery. And I love creating a story that makes the reader guess at what will happen next, makes the reader squirm a little at the harrowing situation of a beloved character, even be creeped out by the turn of events. My favorite writers write great characters and good stories that catch me off guard.

My first mystery is again on the slice and dice table as I work through some edits and push for publication. Although it won a first place award more than a year ago in a regional contest for unpublished manuscripts, I have yet to complete the edits I know it needs to make it publishable. Keep your fingers crossed for me and watch here for updates. I have a publishing company interested. We’ll see how that comes out soon!

Thanks for reading my first blog!


8 thoughts on “Darkness and Writing

  1. Looks great, Lori! Let me know if you need any blog help or have quick questions! 🙂

    Also, I wanted to send you a quick note – will you refresh me on your current email address? You can reach me at beth {at} magpiemarketing {dot} org. Hope you’re well! 🙂


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