Shut Up Dr. Oz!

I’m sick of seeing those ads with Dr. Oz holding a big blob of fat!

I get it… take supplements that boost your metabolism, eat some crazy fruit, hold off on the carbs, whatever it takes, drop the fat! Okay, already.

I’m not some tiny little petite thing and never will be, but I don’t care because I was once about 100 pounds heavier than I am now and happy just to be me. Sure, I could stand to lose another twenty pounds, but I love me just like I am.

People who met me in the last decade might not know that I once weighed about 250 pounds. I was miserable at that weight. The secret was that I had to lose that attitude before I could lose a pound. I had to love myself just as I was to have the desire to take care of myself. It wasn’t dropping the size 18 pair of jeans for a size 10 that made me want to lose the weight. It was the fear of what I was doing to my heart and body in general. It was worrying that I wouldn’t be here to see my grandchildren.


It took about a year of eating low carbs, avoiding sugar and learning to exercise. I bought a Pilates machine that I still use and love it. I learned that the more active I am, the less I have to struggle with food choices and the more active I can be because I’m not bogged down with that extra 100 pounds.

I work hard at times to keep the weight off still. Especially at the end of summer when I’ve had a few too many strawberry sundaes or bowls of dutch chocolate ice cream. Yes, that’s right, I’m my heaviest usually at the end of summer. I know the holidays can add a few too, but really the end of summer is my struggle time.

But I love me and will never let myself go like that again.

I just want Dr. Oz to stop holding up all that blubber and tell people to love themselves healthy.


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