A Lovely Name

As I complete the final edits to prepare for the publication of a revised edition of the first Danni Deadline thriller, I found this blog explaining the Lovely County connection.

Lori Ericson, Author

Choosing names for fictional characters and places can be a challenge. A writer has to be careful to make sure names of various characters aren’t too similar, fit the characters, and are something the reader can remember.

Book cover by Casey Cowan, Oghma Creative Media

While writing A Lovely County, I started out with the real names of the locations I envisioned in Northwest Arkansas. But later in the process I decided it was best to come up with fictional names so as not to disparage actual places. I decided on the name Lovely County because of its historical significance. The title has taken hold in my writer’s mind. I plan to name the next book in the series A Lovely Murder, which is likely to be followed by A Lovely Grave.

Although fictional, the name is based on the historical Lovely County, which was named for William Lovely, an Indian Agent who purchased land…

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2 thoughts on “A Lovely Name

    • Yes, it was, Russell. This early blog explains that. One of the counties should have kept the name. There’s a newspaper in Eureka Springs named “The Lovely County Citizen” in honor of the former moniker. Thanks for reading!


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