Still Writing and Planning a LOVELY Retirement

I have struggled keeping up with this blog and totally ignoring promotion of my books as life moves on. I have a lot of hope, however, and continue to write. I have a third book in the works for my Danni Deadline thriller series and a couple of new writing adventures I’ve tackled in recent years. I’ll tell you more about those in the future.

I plan to retire, probably in January. I’ll be 62 in May and I’m ready to put my efforts toward the things I truly enjoy —my hubs, my daughters, my grandkids, and my writing.

To continue with the theme of vocabulary in this blog, I thought I’d throw out the word LOVELY.

Lovely, adjective (lovelier, loveliest) exquisitely beautiful: lovely views | you have lovely eyes. •informal very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful: we’ve had a lovely day | she’s a lovely person.

Published in 2016. Available on Amazon and at I love the way Danni Edens, newspaper reporter, grows professionally and personally as she tackles some tough shit in this book. Buy at

I chose Lovely County as the fictitious county in my books because much of northwest Arkansas was once named Lovely County.

Published in 2015 and now out of print. I plan to republish upon my retirement, and have revised the book some. I’m working on something special related to this book as well. More info coming on that.

4 thoughts on “Still Writing and Planning a LOVELY Retirement

  1. Dear :Lori,

    It’s so good to see you back in the blogosphere. I’ve missed you.
    I retired at 62 and have never regretted my decision. Staying until I was 70 would’ve meant more money. And that money would’ve gone to pay for the psych ward. 😉 All the best on your writing endeavors.



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    • The psych ward comment resonates! I just gave up my position as the city planner for Rogers to step into the background to concentrate on workflows, etc. for a new portal program we’re converting to. I’ll be there to answer questions for the planners, etc. but shrugging the weight of it all feels nice. I can’t wait to walk away.

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      • I walked out of Hy-Vee 7 years ago and have never looked back. Never missed it. I’ve kep in touch with those coworkers who became friends. I’ve dived into my writing and painting and am enjoying life. I wish the same for you, my friend.

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  2. If you think you’re busy now, wait until you retire. I’ll send you some essays on the subject as it gets closer to January (don’t want to frighten you ahead of time 🙂 )
    I had big plans for creating a writing schedule and stickin’ to it. Didn’t happen, but I haven’t lost any sleep over it either. I certainly don’t miss the bureaucracy, politics, and stress of my job.
    I only have one boss now and if my chores are all done, and I ask permission, she’ll let me do almost anything I want.

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